Post-Care for Permanent Lip Liner

Lips are muscles that are covered by skin.  The skin surrounding the lips, which will hold the lipliner color pigment, will retain color much more vividly than the lips themselves.  Pigments on the lips themselves will be translucent and need to be layered.  A full permanent lip liner treatment may take one to three sessions, depending on desired results.

Immediately After The Procedure:

  • Your lips may feel swollen and very dry after your treatment.  We will supply cotton rounds, which you will blot your lips gently once an hour after your procedure.

For A Week After The Procedure:

  • To avoid old body oils, cosmetics and cream regimes rubbing into your new permanent makeup, we strong recommend a new, clean pillowcase.  Ant pigment residue from the procedure may stain your pillowcase for at lease one week after your appointment.
  • Gently clean the treated areas each morning and evening with tepid, clear water and your clean fingertips.  Pat the areas dry, avoid scrubbing or rubbing the areas.  Do not use any soaps, cleaning creams, lotions or chemicals to the pigmented area(s).
  • We strongly recommend not applying any makeup to the treated area for at least 5 days.  Refrain from soaking the treated area(s).  Avoid the sun and do not scratch or rub the area.  Many commercial lip products contain acids in them, so avoid using these products as they can burn your sensitive lips during the healing period.
  • Toothpaste can adversely affect your new lip color.  Keep toothpaste off your lips for 72 hours.

For A Month After The Procedure:

  • Do not use soaps, cleansing creams or chemicals on the pigmented area(s).  You risk stripping or rubbing away some of the color before your skin has had a chance to heal fully.
  • You may resume wearing lipstick, lipgloss and moisturizer once your lips are healed.  If the product stings or burns your lips, refrain from using them for another week.

For A Lifetime After The Procedure:

  • Avoid exposing the treated areas to the sun or a tanning bed.
  • If sun or UV exposure is unavoidable, apply “Chapstick with 30 SPD” to the lips before exposing the treated areas.
  • Keep products containing Retin A, Glycolic Acid or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids a half in away from your eyes at all times, as these product can ruin the integrity of your permanent cosmetics.

Good To Know:

  • The treated area(s) will appear very intense and bright immediately after the procedure.  Remember that as the skin heals and the pigmented areas set, the colors will soften and blend.  Expect final results after 30 days.
  • Remember that final permanent lip liner color results may take more than one session.  Permanent lip color is not meant to replace true lipstick.  Lip gloss will enrich the color of the pigment that has been implanted.