Eye Brows

Price: $500 

Mimic the appearance of hair in your Natural Brow line. Correct or enhance brow arch for lift. Go swimming, play tennis, work out or wipe your forehead without losing color. Great for the physically active lifestyles or for those of us who have thin or nonexistent eyebrows.

Eyelash Enhancement

Price: Top $325 | Bottom $175

A subtle, natural lash drawn as tiny eyelashes in between your own. The effect creates a thicker lash appearance. This technique is affective for both male and female clients.


Price: Top $325 | Bottom $175

Eyeliner automatically comes with eyelash enhancement! Great for clients with allergic reactions to make-up. Saves time and money. Do your make-up in minutes! Your eyeliner is done! The amount of Desired color always’s depend’s on you!

Lip Liner | Full Liner

Price: Full Lip $600 | Liner $475

Lip shades are Beautiful! Bring your favorite lip color to custom blend any shade. Use 2 colors if you prefer. This procedure helps prevent lipstick or lip gloss from bleeding. Wake up to soft color on your lips. Color range from baby naturals to bold dramatic color. Gives the appearance of full, larger lips…..or not. It’s all up to you!

We also perform Scar Revision and 3DAreola Color. Please call for a FREE consultation for these services.